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What to Expect from Medical Spas

Medical spas (medspas) provide the best of day spa and medical clinic services to offer a relaxing spa experience to every patient with procedures often found only at a doctor’s office. If you are wondering if a medspa is the right place for you to get the treatment you need, read to know more about how they work.

What Makes a Med Spa Different from a Traditional Day Spa

These facilities differ in the kinds of procedures they offer. Medical spas can perform medical procedures that cannot be done at day spas. Unlike a day spa, a medspa should be affiliated with, supervised, or run by a medical doctor.

Medical spas themselves are not made equal. While some medspas are as sophisticated as day spas others are dedicated to more clinical services. Although day spas concentrate on relaxation, the majority of medical spas are driven by results.

Common Treatments Available

The menu is expected to vary depending on the medical spa you visit. But, generally, you can expect to get treatments for acne, hair removal, aging skin, and more. As with traditional spas, luxurious treatments such as massage, seaweed wraps, salt glows, and facials can be available at medspas. However, medspas like Arviv Aesthetics Miami also provide more specialized treatments that are often found in a dermatology or plastic surgery clinic. These include light and laser treatments, injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, as well as chemical peels. Also, medical spas can offer treatments for acne including procedures for breakouts, minimizing scarring, and lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

A medspa provides a unique opportunity for teenagers to get innovative, state-of-the-art acne therapy in a non-threatening and calming environment. Although prescription medications can help treat acne and can be prescribed by the medspa’s doctor, they may be combined with treatments like medical-grade peels, laser therapies, and medical-grade skincare products. The outcomes will make teenagers more satisfied. For those who like to spend time in a spa-like environment and are willing to pay for the experience, a medspa may be a great place to get help with their acne.

Who Performs Treatments at Medspas?

The professional who will perform medspa treatments will depend on the treatment a patient needs. The doctor who supervises the medspa is in charge of all procedures under the medical realm. The more routine day spa therapies are handled by aestheticians. They will perform cosmetic procedures such as body scraps, massage, wraps, and others. Also, the can perform some non-invasive treatments such as acne treatment facials, superficial chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

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