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Enjoy A Smooth and Beautiful Skin with Laser Hair Removing Technology

Removing hair using laser technology is a safe method. It is also an effective one when compared to other methods like waxing, plucking and shaving.

Let’s have a brief note on how does laser hair removal work. Each hair follicle is targeted and destroyed with the help of laser light. Melanin in our hair absorbs the light and is converted to heat. Follicles, that produce hair, get damaged by this heat which results in delayed hair growth.

Hair grows from follicles and they don’t grow at the same time to the same level. They do have different stages of growing. The hair that grows after laser treatment is usually finer than the original hair.

Before your laser appointment, it would be better if you shave those specific areas to ease the laser hair removal process. However, remember that you don’t tweeze or wax and since these methods remove the hair follicle.

This way of removing hair really hurts you and it will be even more if you have a lot of hair. After the treatment, the hair follicles tend to swell and it will cure within 2 hours. Some people will have the swollen effect for 48 hours. Make use of the prescribed gel to reduce any uneasiness.

You cannot expect the same smooth result for all parts of your body. Hair on some body parts can be fully removed in four or five sessions while some area requires a number of sessions to get rid of the hair.

Laser hair removal process focus on the melanin pigment only and the surrounding skin won’t be affected. So, it can be understood that with lighter skin color, it will be easy to identify the melanin in hair follicle. It is advisable not to get tanned in the sun before and after your laser hair removal.

Be frank with your Doctor about any medications you take so that he can ensure you a safe treatment process.

After the treatment, you will need stay away from sun and hot showers since the heat of laser treatment will have effect for a day in your skin. Use sunscreen and moisturizer to protect skin.

Invest your time on searching an experienced board-certified dermatologist so that you can get the best laser treatment tailored for you.

If you want to remove your unwanted hair, visit Focal Point Salon & Spa. With experts they provide you unique and personalized treatment to get the best result. They use the latest laser technology that has the cool tip that helps reduce the heat created in laser treatment.

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